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Estia Calls for Register to Identify Misconduct

Estia Health has called for a register to identify workers in the aged care sector who have a history of misconduct and do not meet the high standards of care required of them.

Estia CEO Norah Barlow said aged care providers have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure there are systems in place to protect the frail and vulnerable from individuals who pose a risk to them.

“The overwhelming number of aged care workers are compassionate, respectful, and highly professional. Unfortunately, their professionalism is brought into question by the misconduct or inappropriate behaviour of rogue individuals,” she said.

“Estia has no tolerance for inappropriate behaviour of any kind. We can take action against inappropriate behaviour but there is currently no mechanism in place to identify a carer who has acted inappropriately in the past.

“Identifying these rogue individuals will ensure we don’t employ them and risk the safety and wellbeing of our residents.”

Mrs Barlow said a register of workers or a ‘right to work’ card should be considered as a potential solution.

“The detail of any such register would need to be worked through in consultation with industry and Government, but it requires a national approach and needs to be enforced by legislation.”

She said addressing misconduct needs to be put on the table as part of the broader debate about lifting the quality of care across the sector.

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